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Responsive Templates

Responsive Templates built on the Bootstrapped osCommerce base.

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Normal Templates

Templates built on the 960.gs Grid system.

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The Design eBook

How to design using the 960.gs Grid System

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Upgrade to Responsive

Take your site to the next level, upgrade to Responsive

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Responsive Templates

Built with care, for the Bootstrapped Responsive osCommerce

All priced at £60 (approx $99)

Gablehauser View Demo

Absolutely NO core code changes!
Ultra simple install...

2.3.4 Bootstrapped Version

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Saul View Demo

Minimal core code changes
just 1 file...

2.3.4 Bootstrapped Version

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Normal 960.gs Templates

Built for the original 2.3.x series osCommerce.

All priced at £16 (approx $25)

Penny View Demo

1 column, green and grey

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Amy View Demo

3 columns, two tone grey.

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Winkle View Demo

2 columns, mainly white and dark grey

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Zack View Demo

3 columns, very dark design

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Priya View Demo

2 columns, light colours

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Kripke View Demo

2 columns, light grey with hotspots

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Stuart View Demo

1 column, white blue and black

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Sheldon View Demo

2 columns, white blue and grey

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Bernadette View Demo

3 columns, white pink and purple

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Leonard View Demo

2 columns, blue and white

2.3.1 thru 2.3.4

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Rajesh View Demo

2 columns, blue and white

2.3.1 thru - NOT 2.3.4

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Howard View Demo

1 column, blue grey and white

2.3.1 thru - NOT 2.3.4

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Blue Sky View Demo

2 column, blue sky background

2.3.1 thru - NOT 2.3.4

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Designing osCommerce the ebook

Whether you are a 1 day user of osCommerce or a 10 year veteran, you will find this eBook invaluable!

Just £9.99 (approx $16).

This eBook details all of the changes needed to turn a standard looking osCommerce site into a site that is stunning - utilizing the 960 Grid System, CSS, PHP and HTML.

If you have no knowledge of osCommerce, HTML, PHP, CSS or 960 then this eBook will get you up to speed inside a day. If you do have enough knowledge to get by in all these then you will learn some insider tips and tricks that only the osCommerce experts know!

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to 960 Grid System
  • Redesign the Boxes
  • Redesign the Header
  • Redesign the Footer
  • Add a jquery image slider
  • And much, much more!

By the end of the book, you will have learned enough skills and techniques to build a great looking Store. You will also have the knowledge and confidence to apply what you have learned to enable yourself to go on and make your own design!

You'll create this site...

...in just a few hours!

Transform your osCommerce store

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